Some players re-taking last season!

I notice that some UVa players are not re-taking last year's season by keeping their year-in-school this year the same as last year's, although the NCAA has offered to let any basketball or football players who want to do so.

Others have decided to re-take last season.

Matt Newton

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This is definitely one of the most interesting storylines that has come out of the Covid-year in college sports. Each student athlete did have the option to save another year of eligibility, but not all have chosen to do so. I would love to find out how each player came to his decision regarding his eligibility status.
How about when players announce that they're transferring right after the season ends? I think coaching staffs have a nice way of telling players what they want them to do by telling them how much playing time they're going to be getting.
"The NCAA has purchased the preseason and postseason NIT tournaments for $40.5 million and another $16 million to end the litigation with the ...MIBA, the Metropolitan Intercollegiate Basketball Association (made up of five New York-area schools: Fordham, Manhattan, St. John's, Wagner and New York University)."

So if you're wondering what happened to the NIT, and who owns it now, this answers those questions.

If anyone knows a non-UVa player from one of the most-publicized leagues who is excited about playing in the NIT, please have them respond and explain why they want to play in this. It's a mystery to me, just like it makes no sense to me for Division 1 women's basketball teams to compete for viewers with men's teams by staging their entire season at the exact same time that the men are playing their seasons.
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