New Sub Forum


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We have added a sub forum under football for the Fanalytix visual image graphic for every Cavalier football game starting with the 2021 season.

Fanalytix Football 360 is a live, 360 degree, visually intuitive way to instantly gain comprehensive game insights. View the full game at a glance while exploring every stat with a tap. The entire game is interactive and can be navigated in context. Choose a drive to see every play, choose a play to see complete details, player information and statistics.

Follow live or access past games to research trends and quickly review complex stats. In addition to Longhorn football games every NFL matchup and all the games involving NCAA Power 5 teams are available.

New layers of statistics, information and insights are revealed with every tap. The “Help” button displays an overlay with a graphic representation of how to use the features and get the most out of every stat. Tap “Stats” to access extensive game statistics. The “Menu” button displays a full schedule of games from both the NFL and NCAA.

Here's the link.