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    Some players re-taking last season!

    "The NCAA has purchased the preseason and postseason NIT tournaments for $40.5 million and another $16 million to end the litigation with the ...MIBA, the Metropolitan Intercollegiate Basketball Association (made up of five New York-area schools: Fordham, Manhattan, St. John's, Wagner and New...
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    If you live in Charlottesville, is there a photo that shows what progress UVa has made in adding buildings after having taken down University Hall?

    All it gave me was this one photo. I couldn't find a link. That's where parking lots for University Hall used to be?
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    So, is Zach Rice going to pick UVa?

    Do you think the UVa coaching staff asked him to wait until after the season is over before making a decision?
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    Some players re-taking last season!

    How about when players announce that they're transferring right after the season ends? I think coaching staffs have a nice way of telling players what they want them to do by telling them how much playing time they're going to be getting.
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    This year's men's basketball roster!

    Starters? Kihei Clark Jayden Gardner Armaan Franklin Igor Milicic Kadin Shedrick
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    I don't see Florida State or UNC as recruiting threats.

    But Duke has recruited well for next year: they've gotten commitments from 3 of the top 8 players in the country, according to 247sports. I have to assume that Duke thinks that this season's center and power forward will both be turning pro after this season. Anyway, after last season, both...
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    Some players re-taking last season!

    I notice that some UVa players are not re-taking last year's season by keeping their year-in-school this year the same as last year's, although the NCAA has offered to let any basketball or football players who want to do so. Others have decided to re-take last season.
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    I'll take our 4-stars over 5-star players. 5-star players aren't even going to stay for one year: they're going to play in one of the new leagues!

    Tony Bennett recruited up a storm! And the best thing is, I can tell that at least 2 of the players he's brought in to play this year or next year, look like they're going to be very underrated. I'm ready to start pre-season practice today!
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    So, is Zach Rice going to pick UVa?

    247sports ranks him as the nation's #7 high school senior football prospect! 🏈 His grandfather played football for UVa. Zach's mother played basketball for Liberty University.